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Tilt 365 was recently named among Training Industry’s Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Companies of 2018. This comes after first being named in 2017

An important milestone for a tech startup. Tilt 365 has set itself apart by striving to measure a new dimension of leadership assessment – character strengths – which can be used to enhance agility and innovation. Tilt 365’s innovative ideas and approach represent game changers in the domain of leadership and team development with fresh, relevant, and scientifically validated assessments that provide feedback using a holistic business framework. Visual cues and memorable illustrations help leaders remember where they fit in and how to quickly adapt (Tilt) to context in ways that enable four intentional outcomes: alignment, collaboration, execution, and innovation. Rather than offering personality tests that put people (and behaviors) in a box or “type” with acronyms they can’t remember, Tilt 365 has developed assessments that measure 12 character strengths that result in agility, a well-known predictor of innovation. These indicators are both memorable and actionable, which helps companies maximize the potential of key leaders and teams for greater enterprise-wide agility, speed, and performance.

Tilt for Teams

Team culture is becoming an increasingly important metric in the success of a business, and the companies who recognize that have been looking to Tilt 365.

Love your Culture

Tilt 365 is a professional assessment company that uses scientifically validated development tools that offer organizations important data and insight into the character of team members, leaders and company culture.